Understanding the environment is becoming increasingly important for businesses, consumers and governments.

Flood risk, climate change and air quality are just some of the elements that have made environmental data a critical resource.

The Environmental Data Exchange is a discovery platform built by the Digital Catapult in collaboration with AMEE, to help the search, discovery and use of environmental data, which will unlock the innovation needed to tackle the environmental challenges and opportunities by governments, organisations and SMEs alike.

The scoping project we held gave us one clear signal – we should build a platform which signposts the data sources and datasets and not collect all data sets in one place. We use the metadata of each platform/source to search and discover their datasets rather than enforce a metadata standard.

Developed by The Digital Catapult the Environmental Data Exchange forms an online platform to open up environmental data making information accessible and discoverable to all.

By registering with the Environmental Data Exchange, members will be able to discover, download and use the data from various sources to drive innovations and value within the UK. The platform also puts community and collaboration at its heart – allowing members to upload data sources and their metadata, rate the datasets and comment on them.

Our vision is to unlock innovation, empower new business and technological approaches that can address environmental issues and opportunities.

We are keen to partner with interested organisations to contribute to the project bringing signposting to repositories of data, crowdsourcing data or keen to participate in any collaboration related to challenges and uses of environmental data.

More about The Digital Catapult

The Digital Catapult develops breakthroughs for the UK around four areas of opportunity.

1. Sharing closed data between organisations
2. Sharing personal data in a way that’s secure and trusted
3. Sharing content and licensed data more simply
4. Sharing data generated across the Internet of Things

These are the hard kinds of data to share, but offer huge potential – an estimated £200bn of value could be unlocked for the UK. We do this by sparking pioneering collaborations and marketplaces to accelerate economic growth and productivity.

Our first Centre opened in London in November 2014 and there is now a growing network of Digital Catapult Centres and communities across the UK. From running pilot projects through to large scale initiatives, the Digital Catapult takes actions to fix real problems and enables innovation to happen with impact. The Centres provide our community with a space in which they can work, meet, showcase and collaborate to benefit their organisation and the wider UK economy.

All the Digital Catapult’s work is in collaboration with others – including startups, small and large businesses, academia, innovation clusters and the public sector. We help others work together, we never work alone.

Find out more: www.digitalcatapultcentre.org.uk

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